Demo Update is coming!

We're happy to announce that on 8th June a big update to the demo will come.
(Just in time for Steam Game Festival)

The update will include:
 - Main Menu
 - Saves 
 - Better AI - eliminated major bugs and better pathfinding
 - Narrative Improved
 - Secondary Quests
 - Improved Main Quest
 - The ability to place traps(The player can place a bear trap that should stun anyone)
 - Variants (Different map with restarts, this can be easily noticed if you look at enemies spawn)
 - Improved Visuals (VFX, Interface, New Assets, etc.)
 - Improved Sound Effects(floor system and overall SFX's)
 - Zoom In for Interior of Houses and in other places
 - Optimization!

After this update, we will push towards creating more content and doing betas at least 1 per month.
If you want to join the BETA on steam, just enter on our discord server!
The first beta build will become available by the end of June or start of July.

The discord server:

Have a good weekend!


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Mar 31, 2020

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