The Demo Patch!


We've prepared a big patch for the demo!
 The update includes:

Bugs fixed:

  • Continue button worked without any save
  • The ability to throw rocks disappeared
  • The AI wouldn't return to their initial positions after respawn
  • Papers could be read from far range or through the other side of the wall
  • Ambiance music couldn't be heard in some parts of the map
  • The player was spawned inside shed without the zoom in
  • The roof of North House wouldn't fully disappear when the player was inside
  • Continue button didn't work after leaving the game and returning to it(on the same version)
  • The player couldn't pick up item piles after dying and respawning
  • The player could break the natural healing if he spammed the button for heal right after being hurt
  • The objective would be stuck after saving and respawning
  • The player couldn't run after saving and respawning
  • The hunter wouldn't show an orange outline while investigating a distraction
  • Sparkles for the ground texture
  • The player could break the item piles after dying and respawning multiple times
  • Lag Spikes in some parts of the map
  • The player could get stuck after hiding and leaving the bed in the outpost
  • Killing a hunter would result in a weird sound bug
  • The player could restore his inventory after respawn if he threw a rock
  • A few colliders for objected were placed badly
  • Secondary wouldn't disappear once it's done


  • Player can close the wheel with the same button that's opened
  • Tweaked the SFX's sound volume
  • Bigger size for the bush hiding spot
  • Tweaked map level design to make it fairer(hunters, traps, bushes, etc.)
  • Rotated signs so that the player won't get confused by them
  • Modified text for some objectives
  • The objectives pop-up will stay on screen longer
  • Tweaked the light in houses
  • Made the beacons easier to notice
  • Replace the "R" button for saving with "F"
  • The important events, hunters, items before the first save will be respawned
  • Added an icon to loading menu
  • New icons on the map for Crossroad and Beacon
  • New ground textures
  • Faster shine for multiple items
  • Hunters will investigate longer

We hope that this patch will improve the experience of the game.
Feel free to give it a try and to give us feedback on the core gameplay!

You can find us on our discord server: Have a good day!

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The Equinox Hunt Demo 0.0.22
Jun 16, 2020

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