The big Demo Update is Live!


The big update for demo is live!

The update includes:

  • Main Menu
  • Saves
  • Better AI - eliminated major bugs and better pathfinding
  • Narrative Improved
  • Secondary Quests
  • Improved Main Quest
  • The ability to place traps(The player can place a bear trap that should stun anyone)
  • Variants (Different map with restarts, this can be easily noticed if you look at enemies spawn)
  • Improved Visuals (VFX, Interface, New Assets, etc.)
  • Improved Sound Effects(floor system and overall SFX's)
  • Zoom In for Interior of Houses and in other places

Feel free to give it a try and to give us feedback on the core gameplay.
An update to fix any issue and improve some parts will follow next week!

Have a good day!


The Equinox Hunt Demo 0.0.12
Jun 10, 2020

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